Model ADR 6004 ADR 6008 ADR 6016 ADR 6016HD
Compression Type H.264 video, 32 bits color, with or without Ogg Vorbis compressed audio @16Kbps
Operation System Embedded OS
Input 4 video + 4 audio 8 video + 8 audio 16 video + 16 audio 16 video + 16 audio
Output 1 main, 1 aux video, no audio
Main for monitor & menu; aux for selected channel only
1 main, 1 aux for video
1 main, 1 aux for audio
Alarm Trigger 4-in, 4-out 8-in, 8-out 16-in, 16-out 16-in, 16-out
Picture Resolution NTSC: 704x480pixels , PAL: 704x576pixels
Playback Resolution QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, DCIF** QCIF, CIF, 2CIF, DCIF,
Frame rate 1/16 to 30fps per channel
Bit rate 32Kbps to 2Mbps
Communication interface 1 RJ45 10M/100M
1 RS232 interface
1 RS485 interface
Hard Drive\DVR writer 8 SATA Hard drive, each <2000GB, or
4 SATA Hard drive with one DVD/CD writer
USB interface 1 USB1.1, supports USB flash memory, USB HDD, USB CR-R/W
Keyboard, Monitor 1 VGA for 1024x768/60Hz, two RJ45 for keyboard
Power 100~240 VAC, 6.3A, 50~60Hz, 20-42W without HDD
Operating temperature -10 to +55 degrees centigrade
Size 19" standard, 450mm*450mm*95mm
Weight Less than 8Kg (without HDD)
AMAX DIGITEC® is offering a new line of Real Time OS (RTOS) based H264 standalone NVR for 4,8,16 channels, all channels at 30fps video+audio for monitor, record and local and IP remote playback . These H264 NVR supports up to 8 SATA drives and DVD writer. Software for these system includes a LIVE CENTER that can support up to 64 of these IP appliances that can comprise of PC based DVR, RTOS based NVR and H.264 IP cameras.
 Key Features: H.264 hardware compression. Every channel is real time video+audio synchronous monitor and record, up to DVD quality image, IE remote access and control. Support multi-zone motion detect, privacy mask, video lost alarm, tampering alarm, positioning OSD & Logo, multi-level user management, PTZ cameras, i/o alarm and triggering, video out, controlled by Infra-red controller, buttons on front panel, IE and Live Center.
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